League of Women Voters of the Charlottesville Area

Virginia and Federal Legislative Links

The links below provide on-line bill tracking as well as access to state and federal legislatures. For example, you can check what's currently on the House of Representatives floor, access the laws of the United States, find a bill, amendment or debate, or find vote information by going to the U.S. House website below.

2017 Virginia Legislative Session:  The General Assembly session for 2017 begins on Wednesday, January 11, and runs for 8 weeks. On December 7th, the League of Women Voters of Virginia held a pre-session roundtable featuring speakers from 17 organizations and government agencies to review the potential challenges and opportunities in legislation this session.  Use this link: LWV-VA Pre-session Roundtable Summary to access email lists as well as follow these organizations on social media.  This will enable you to get “Alerts” when they need people to take actions and make phone calls “in support of” or “against” specific legislation going up for vote.

 On-line Bill Tracking

For up-to-date information about the 2016 Legislative session, including finding committee members, or the budget, go to Virginia Legislature Information System

To track bills at the federal level, go to The Library of Congress THOMAS

Other Legislative Resources

For information about the Virginia General Assembly, go to Virginia General Assembly

For information about the U.S. Senate, go to United States Senate

For information about the U.S. House of Representatives, go to United States House of Representatives